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LanguageCert Young Learners – ‘LYL’


LanguageCert Young Learners Exams, usually referred to as LYL, are ideal for learners aged 10 to 14. Available at two levels (Basic and Elementary), these exams are part of our suite of LanguageCert International ESOL Qualifications and serve as a starting point for further progression to LanguageCert International ESOL (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) Exams at a later stage.

Benefits of the LYL exams:

  • LYL Exams are on demand, i.e. available at any time, with no set exam dates
  • Candidates are tested on topics that are interesting for young age groups, such as parties, pen-pals and pets
  • LYL Exams are conducted under stress-free conditions, often at the premises of the candidates’ school
  • LYL Written and Spoken exams can be taken separately
  • Candidates are allowed to use a monolingual dictionary (English-English) during the examination
  • Focus is primarily on communicative skills, rather than vocabulary range or grammar
  • The exam preparation process is flexible, so it can be integrated into everyday classroom activities easily and efficiently
  • LYL Exams instil a sense of achievement and motivate the learners



LanguageCert Young Learners Exams are available at two levels:

Level 1: Basic (broadly comparable to A1 level on the CEFR).
Level 2: Elementary (comparable to A2 level on the CEFR).

Required language proficiency at Basic and Elementary levels: 

LYL Basic level

The candidate uses a very narrow range of language, adequate for basic needs and simple situations. He/she does not really have sufficient language to cope with normal day-to-day, real-life communication, but basic communication is possible with opportunities for assistance. He/she uses short, often inaccurately and inappropriately worded messages, with constant lapses in fluency. 

LYL Elementary level

The candidate uses a limited range of language sufficient for simple, practical needs. In more exacting situations, there are frequent problems in accuracy, fluency, appropriacy and organisation, so normal communication and comprehension are frequently difficult to follow.

Assessment of LYL

LYL Exams are assessed by LanguageCert professional, trained markers, who focus on the candidate's communication skills and efficacy. Milestones of assessment include:

  • Range (tenses, modals, articles, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions etc.)
  • Purpose Achieved (Reading & Writing)
    The candidate has read the text, understood it and responded appropriately, e.g. answered sections required in a letter or message; responded to a prompt in an appropriate manner giving correct information, etc.
  • Impression
    Marks awarded for overall impression of tone, relevance, depth, fluency and appropriacy for each particular level