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LanguageCert Ankara Üniversitesi TÖMER TürkYet

Ankara Universitesi TOMER has partnered with LanguageCert to deliver Turkish Language examinations worldwide.

The two organisations have joined forces to offer Turkish tests under the new name LanguageCert AÜ TÖMER TürkYet . The test is developed by Ankara Üniversitesi TÖMER and managed by LanguageCert.

LanguageCert AÜ TÖMER TürkYet exams have been designed and abide by the most rigorous quality and reliability standards and are mapped to the CEFR. They evaluate the language skills of candidates who need to use Turkish for their daily or professional lives.


LanguageCert AÜ TÖMER TürkYet exams

LanguageCert AÜ TÖMER TürkYet offers the following two exams at each level from A1 to C2, covering all four language skills:

  • LanguageCert AÜ TÖMER TürkYet Written Exam (Listening, Reading, Writing) (LINK)
  • LanguageCert AÜ TÖMER TürkYet Spoken Exam (Speaking) (LINK)

Written exam

CEFR Level

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing


Spoken exam

  • Speaking

Written and Spoken Exams can be taken independently of each other at the candidates' convenience. They are separate tests, so students can choose to focus their preparation on one exam before taking the other.

  • Download the LanguageCert AÜ TÖMER TürkYet brochure (English version)


Who are the LanguageCert AÜ TÖMER TürkYet Qualifications intended for?

  • Students who need a C1-level diploma to enter University in Turkey
  • Students aspiring to enter an institution of education in Turkey or overseas, where proof of knowledge of Turkish is a requirement
  • Non-native speakers of Turkish worldwide who want to provide documented evidence of their knowledge of Turkish, for study or employment
  • People who need proof of their Turkish language skills for their everyday life
  • People attending short courses, who want to certify the Turkish language skills they’ve attained.


What makes the LanguageCert AÜ TÖMER TürkYet qualifications different? 

  • Frequent exams are available throughout the year
  • Candidates are awarded a certificate mapped to the CEFR according to their performance. You can learn more about CEFR levels here
  • Diploma for C1 and C2 levels, which is required to study in Turkish Universities
  • All candidates receive a Report with their overall score electronically
  • The exams are candidate-friendly, requiring little exam-specific preparation, with an average duration of about 2 hours for the Listening and Reading exam, 45 minutes for the Writing exam, and 15 minutes for the Spoken exam
  • The exam is available as a paper-based test
  • Separate Written and Spoken exams, which lead to separate certificates and can be taken independently at the candidate's or exam centre’s convenience, allow learners to prepare and sit for one or the other examination (at any time) and focus on honing one set of skills at a time

Discover more benefits of taking the LanguageCert AÜ TÖMER TürkYet exam.