Test Development

As the qualifications are regulated in the UK by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) and Qualifications Wales, LanguageCert is required to follow structured processes and abide by strict criteria to ensure a fully standardised and consistent approach to the design and development of its qualifications.

To ensure ongoing adherence, LanguageCert has robust arrangements in place to continually quality assure its qualifications. This overall approach to the design and development, delivery and award of our qualifications ensures that the validity, reliability, rigour and security of LanguageCert’s qualifications remains consistent and standardised, regardless of where or how they are being offered.


Test delivery

For the delivery of its own qualifications, as well as for examinations delivered in collaboration with its partners, LanguageCert deploys state-of-the-art, innovative, flexible and secure exam administration technologies and systems developed by PeopleCert, which are tailor-made to each exam’s specific requirements.


LanguageCert guarantees



  • PASSPORT: our user-friendly system for the administration and monitoring of exam bookings, results, certificates and reports
  • Online Proctoring (OLP): Our innovative, award-winning web proctoring software connects candidates with a proctor (invigilator) over webcam, delivering a flexible and hassle-free exam experience

Global Network:

  • LanguageCert Qualifications are delivered through a global network of Approved Test Centres, regularly audited against high-quality standards, to ensure the quality of their exam administration processes


  • LanguageCert is an Awarding Organisation recognised by Ofqual and Qualification Wales. Both recognitions underpin LanguageCert’s rigorous, high standards and processes deployed in the development, delivery and award of regulated qualifications
  • As a member of PeopleCert Group, we are ISO 17024 accreditation compliant, meeting strict security guidelines in developing global qualifications
  • PeopleCert is awarded with multiple ISO credentials. 

Our commitment to quality

Cherry on the pie:
  • E-certificate

    On top of a printed certificate, successful candidates will receive an e-certificate along with the official results release, to simplify submission of applicants’ credentials.

  • Certificate Verification Service

    To provide an extra layer of security, LanguageCert also offers an online certificate verification service enabling organisations to confirm applicants’ certificate validity.

  • Digital Badges

    Digital badges are offered to all LanguageCert certificate holders. A digital badge is a visual symbol which showcases a particular achievement for easy identification.


LanguageCert has the knowledge and expertise to develop qualifications matching your organisation’s specific requirements.  When it comes to designing a test, one must ensure to leverage the right skills and expertise. So how do we do it?

Understanding what you’re testing

Every test is different, that’s why every test requires a test blueprint. Think of it as a design that focuses on the essence of your test. What is it that you’re trying to assess? Is it a particular skill? A technical competency? Academic knowledge or professional expertise?

Deciding on the format of your questions

Choosing the right type of questions can be as important as the questions themselves. Whether they are multiple-choice questions, essays, or anything in between, our test development experts can help you understand which format best suits your needs.

Delivering your content

Once your test is ready for delivery, it’s up to you how you would like it to have it delivered.