Proud to announce our strategic partnership with IEAA

We are proud to announce that the International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) and LanguageCert have signed a strategic partnership.

LanguageCert has become a Corporate Affiliate of the IEAA, to raise awareness of LanguageCert International ESOL, the next generation of English language qualifications, among its members.

The Corporate Affiliate program links industry partners to professionals working in international education. LanguageCert uses this to attain direct access to many key decision makers at the cutting edge of the international education sector. IEAA strives to empower professionals, engage institutions and enhance Australia’s reputation as a provider of world-class education. Through their work with IDP Education, IEAA presents the annual Australian International Education Conference (AIEC), the largest conference of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region.

IEAA serves the needs and interests of professional staff and academics who work in international education. Through networking and professional development events – including workshops, seminars and conferences – it empowers individuals and encourages best practice among education institutions. IEAA works in close collaboration with industry stakeholders, affiliated peak bodies and all levels of government. They also have an active research program and public policy agenda.