Webinar title: The English language rollercoaster


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Our third session from the Energise your classroom 4-part series hosted by LanguageCert is just around the corner!

Webinar 3: The English language rollercoaster

Speaker: Chantelle Walsh

Date: 16 November 2022

Time: 16:00-17:00 GMT+1

About the webinar

Is what we are teaching in the classroom reflective of English as a global language?

Join Chantelle Walsh in analysing the constant evolution and changing nature of the English language because of social media and their place in society. Chantelle will suggest activities to expand vocabulary and lexis through the analysis of newspaper articles, film clips, and the discussion of idiomatic expressions: all in search of a new language.

This session forms part of the 4-part webinar series ‘Energise your classroom’ specially created for teachers, to help them add some spark to their classrooms by introducing new perspectives and ideas, to help them better support their students throughout the year!


About the speaker:

Chantelle Walsh is a Teacher and Teacher Trainer. She is a graduate in Irish Language and Literature from University College Dublin and holds the Higher Diploma in Education from Maynooth University, Ireland. Chantelle has been a teacher trainer for many years and has worked with both primary and secondary state-school teachers across Italy. She is particularly interested in incorporating mindfulness in the classroom and has given numerous talks on this topic as she believes it is a fundamental tool in engaging individuals in the learning process.


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