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Boundaries and borders are obsolete. Communication conjures images of chatting up with friends and family on a vast variety of digital platforms. Work is no longer confined to geographic vicinity. Yet, the language barrier is real. The need for certified language skills is more pressing than ever, as they are the passport that opens the door to global mobility and unbound citizens of the planet.

This is what LanguageCert has been designed to address: the needs of the next generation.

We connect our deep heritage in English language education and our all-star academic team with our technology DNA, ensuring that we can fulfill our mission of empowering learners and professionals with a top-notch language certification. 


Up until now, you were usually required to cram in as much as possible and prepare for an ultra-high stakes exam where an all-skills test would make or break your future dreams and aspirations. We think otherwise.

LanguageCert revolutionises the way language skills are tested, by breaking down the exam into standalone or combined skills, so that candidates are assessed on what they actually need. We call this TrueSkills Testing.


What is TrueSkills Testing?

There are 4 language skills mapped to CEFR*. These are Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

In real-life scenarios, people need a particular set of skills more than another in order to serve specific purposes, whether for work, studies or everyday life. TrueSkills Testing has been designed to help assess these skills in a modular way, as and when you are ready, or offer them to you combined into sets to suit your needs.

We issue you a certificate for each skill or set of skills you succeed in and, best of all, you save significant time, effort and money when you pass an exam.

To understand the value of TrueSkills Testing, take a look at the following example:

Marie feels confident in her English listening, reading and writing skills, but not so much in her speaking skills yet. She decides to take LanguageCert International ESOL C2 Written exam and gets her certificate. She uses this certificate to land a job at a major corporation.

A few months later, Marie has worked on her speaking skills, takes LanguageCert International ESOL C2 Spoken exam and gets her certificate of achievement.

If Marie had taken her exam with another language qualifications provider, she might have failed the entire exam because of her speaking skills, and the lack of an exam on the market that would be able to assess the skills she was more competent in.

This is the revolution of LanguageCert.

*Common European Framework of Reference


We work with language schools and other institutions across the world to enable them to request exams on-demand. This is unlike anything else major language qualifications providers offer on the market and it means that you can work with your school in order to request exams on a date convenient to you. That’s right. No fixed dates – just what works for you.

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Language skills for the next generation

At a time when you can stream almost any TV show, movie or song instantly, when you can wage video game campaigns of epic proportions from your bedroom, with teammates on all 5 continents, and when wanderlust is a super common word, LanguageCert believes in contemporary use of languages, without stifling your progress with antiquated and often completely unnecessary tasks that have little relevance to modern-day life.

  • For example, unlike other language qualification providers, LanguageCert assesses grammar & vocabulary as integrated parts of other sets of skills, and not through specific, isolated tasks.
  • In receptive skills (listening and reading), we assess your understanding of a situation or concept. Therefore, for most of our exams we are only interested in how well you comprehend and we do not penalise you unnecessarily for any spelling errors which are irrelevant to the task at hand.


Walk the talk with LanguageCert:
a revolution in spoken exams

All there is to assess in a spoken exam is your ability to speak. How you look, dress or behave is not relevant. Therefore, with LanguageCert your spoken assessment does not actually happen during the interview at all. Instead, your spoken exam is recorded and is later assessed by a LanguageCert-approved marker who has never met you in person.Your marker's primary goal is to asses how well you spoke in your exam.

This remote method of marking carries an extra benefit. Because your conversation is recorded, if you decide to enquire about your result, we have something to go back to.

In addition, LanguageCert does not interview you in pairs with other people. We do this to ensure fairness, as all that really matters is how well you speak against LanguageCert’s own criteria and nothing else.


Unlike other language qualification providers, we don’t like keeping you waiting. This means we deliver your results lightning-fast, often in as little as 5* business days! Compare this to several months’ wait that you’re used to and suddenly it becomes a no-brainer.

We issue you with an e-certificate, along with a full statement of your results all electronically, so you can check out everything on your mobile, on the go, wherever. Plus, we issue you with a formal, hard-copy certificate, with no charge to you whatsoever.


*LanguageCert USAL esPro: usually 5 business days. LanguageCert IESOL: 7-10 business days. Other qualifications may vary.

There’s more to LanguageCert!

  • Digital Badges

    Prove your worth to the world with LanguageCert digital badges. Get your certificate and you also get a digital badge to place it on your social media and email signature. You have licence to boast (a little).

  • Online verification

    Prove your certificate is genuine to prospective employers, universities, and anyone who seeks an extra layer of verification through LanguageCert’s Certificate Verification service.

  • Yours to keep forever

    LanguageCert certificates have no expiry date. This means you do not need to re-take your exam every once in a while, saving your effort and money.

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