LanguageCert Online exams,
with live invigilation!

Cutting-edge exam technology created for you & your students!

LanguageCert Online exams with live invigilation* allow students to take their exams online securely anytime, anywhere. The online invigilation solution enables you to:

  • stand out from your competition
  • tailor to your needs: replace or complement your classroom exams
  • benefit from minimum administration costs
  • give your candidates the choice to fit their exams into their busy schedules
  • offer exams even for a single candidate, anytime
  • complement your distance learning offering with an online certification solution and grow your business

*Online invigilation is conducted in English and online invigilators are provided by LanguageCert

  • It allows for the assessment of candidates’ language skills in computer-based format in the presence of an online invigilator/interlocutor
  • Students take the same exam and get the same certificate with the same recognition as through classroom exams
  • It is the ideal choice for candidates to take, regardless of where or when they complete a course
  • It is the only language online exam solution, with a real person present online during the entire exam!

All you need to do is simply order your students’ exam vouchers!


Order your students’ vouchers

  • Quality & Convenience

    Online exams with live invigilation offer your students a convenient exam option. They take the same high-quality LanguageCert qualification as through classroom exams!

  • Secure & reliable

    Each of your candidates has an assigned Online Invigilator who ensures the exam is taken according to the strictest standards.

  • Award winning technology

    Online exams are powered by our parent company, PeopleCert, a global leader in the assessment and certification of professional skills, that has already delivered
    5,500,000 exams in paper-based format and online, in over 200 countries, through its state-of-the-art technology.


Order your students’ vouchers!

Order your students’ vouchers!

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